About Us

Restaurant ” Krešimir ” is located in the center of Senj , near by the bus station, located above the Adriatic highway and only 20 meters from the sea . Restaurant consists of a large closed hall with 120 seats and the open terrace of the same capacity.

Throughout the history of Senj , from the catering aspect the space of the restaurant ” Krešimir ” occupies special place since the same space has always been a function of providing catering services to citizens of the town,travelers and tourists . Many remember the morning coffee on the terrace in the idyllic atmosphere , overlook on the sea  and more and more masked balls that have for many years held in the same area of the current restaurant ” Krešimir ” .

View from terrace of the restaurant ” Krešimir ” is impressive throughout the day , but perhaps the most beautiful is in the summer evening while looking sunset and light breeze carrying the scent of the sea . With such an atmosphere is sure to delight of meals will be complete . On summer evenings on the terrace are playing live music with the possibility of dancing after dinner .

Today’s Restaurant ” Krešimir ” was thoroughly renovated and modernized so was reopened in the spring of 2003. Pictures from the opening you can see in our gallery . Restaurant ” Krešimir ” has a large new kitchen that satisfies the highest standards of technical equipment, hygiene control and health care , and all that for the distinguished visitor who we serve with the appropriate level and to mutual satisfaction . Special attention was paid to the choice of the chef while most other work assigned to family members Lopac as a guarantee of quality service and customer access .

Restaurant ” Krešimir ” offers a wide selection of dishes and an large wine list. We believe everyone will find a meal of your choice and taste. you can see our food and wine selection in the cuisine and the wine list . For all those who love pizza and other baked meals , all preparation oft hat kind of meal is in a real wood-fired oven .

The restaurant is open daily throughout the year . The terrace is open during the period from spring to autumn, in winter is closed because of weather conditions . Access to the restaurant ” Krešimir ” with car is possible from the side of the Adriatic highway witch leads close to a large parking lot .